From Ireland to Kiwoko

When Brian Murray, Philips Healthcare, heard of the need for medical imaging equipment at Kiwoko, he got to work. Through his work as a Medical Electronics Engineer, he had contacts in Hospitals throughout Ireland.

Brian Murray and Bobby Jones

Brian Murry (left) and Bobby Jones

The list of donated equipment soon began to build. X-ray systems, Ultrasound, C-arms, lead jackets, beds, ventilators... This equipment had served at NHS and HSE hospitals for some years, but can save the lives of many in Uganda for years to come.

A huge thank you goes to the hospital staff and management who sacrificed time and jumped hurdles to make sure the equipment was donated. There are too many to mention, from every corner of the Island of Ireland.

Brian got in touch with Bobby Jones of MediAid4Kids and Ray Allen of Africare. Bobby and Ray were able to handle the logistical challenges of getting the equipment to Uganda.  In recent days, the container full of life-saving equipment was loaded on the ship and began it's long journey to Uganda.

Thanks to the incredible work and enthusiasm of Brian, Bobby and Ray, Kiwoko Hospital and other not-for-profit medical facilities in Uganda, will be able to carry out life-saving and life-changing procedures for years to come.


Equipment donation

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