We are a charity set up to support the work of the hospital through financial support, prayer and communication.

Why are we needed?

  • The very poor require help in paying for their medical care. The hospital charges those patients who have sufficient income to pay for the treatment, but many people in this rural community simply cannot afford the cost, and the charity makes possible the hospital’s Good Samaritan Fund which enables the very poor to receive the treatment they need. No-one requiring medical help is ever turned away.
  • The hospital needs income support to develop and retain good staff.
  • Large costly items, such as vehicles, have finite lives and need replacement.
  • The Hospital has a shortfall in its running costs, only 30–40% of which are covered by patient charges. Friends of Kiwoko Hospital currently covers over half of these costs.
  • Kiwoko Hospital needs support and prayers to keep on going.

Friends of Kiwoko Hospital...

  • is a charity through which the financial support from individuals and organisations can be channelled through to the hospital. All of the money received is passed on to Kiwoko.
  • acts as a source of information about the Hospital.
  • works in association with other groups who are interested in Uganda.
  • is involved with people going out to Kiwoko, giving of their time, educating and imparting their skills.

Friends of Kiwoko Hospital is a registered UK Charity.
Charity Reference number: 104586.
HMRC Reference number: XN77395