It's an exciting day for Friends of Kiwoko Hospital! We have talked about it for years but here it is - a new place to find out about Kiwoko Hospital and how you can support the fantastic place through Friends of Kiwoko.

I'm being careful not to say 'the website is finished'. This place will constantly be updated with Kiwoko related news and opportunities. To keep the content fresh, we are asking for your help.

If you have been to Kiwoko Hospital recently, are there now, or are planning on visiting - we would love you to get in touch. If you have any photos we could add to this website,  please email them to If you have a story to tell, or you would like to write a Blog while in Uganda - we can give you a page to blog on.

One last thing - if you have any suggestions or comments on this website or on Kiwoko Hospital in general, please email us or use the comments section below.

Thank you for being interested in Kiwoko Hospital! Be sure to Subscribe to our Newsletter to keep updated.

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