Part of Kiwoko Hospital’s mission is to provide care for the poor and the vulnerable. For many years the Good Samaritan Fund has been in place to help ensure some of the most poor and vulnerable receive the care they need. One of our longer term recipients of the fund narrates her story:


“My name Sempala Esseri Nabukeera. I celebrated my 75th birthday on 2nd of February and I am very happy that I am still alive.

I have eight biological children. My husband was killed during the war in 1986. This left me with the burden of caring the family on my own. I was their father and mother.

I fell ill and was diagnosed with a heart condition 20 years ago at Kiwoko Hospital. By then, I was still working at the hospital as a nutritionist and helping to prepare porridge for the little babies.

Good Samaritan Fund

My condition could not be handled at the hospital, so I was referred to Mulago Heart Institute (the main government referral hospital in Kampala). I received treatment and got better. But as I aged and eventually retired from my job, I got other health related complications including high blood pressure. I had no source of income then, and I was worried about how I was going to sustain my family and meet the monthly medical bills for my drugs. Nonetheless, I went to Kiwoko Hospital and explained my situation to the doctor. By then, I still needed a lot of care and I was often admitted in the hospital. The doctor was very kind and told me about the Good Samaritan Fund at the hospital and the hospital decided I could get help with my medical bills.

I received good care; I am now home, alive and healthy. I still pick a refill of my monthly drugs from the hospital at no cost!

If wasn’t for the Good Samaritan Fund, I would be dead.

Thank you so much to Kiwoko hospital, thank you to your supporters. May God bless them abundantly!”


We would love to be able to provide help towards the medical bills of more of our poor and vulnerable patients. However, restricted finances in the Good Samaritan Fund limits our reach. Can you help today by giving to the Good Samaritan Fund? A one-off gift of £10, £20, £50 or £100 can make a difference.

Or perhaps you could commit to giving regularly to this fund e.g. £10 each month. To give specifically to this fund, please email Friends of Kiwoko Hospital on and mention the Good Samaritan Fund (GSF).

By Apio Immaculate
Business Development Manager

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